Sprites and Avatars

--Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.Neville Brody--

Mozilla Thimble: Remix the Create a Comic project. Add different avatars and sprites using various online apps. You can add dialogue in the p class"speech" tag. Copy and paste your images using their web address and inserting it between the quotes in the img src section of the html code. I created this Thimble site and replaced the comic images with all my avatars. Here are some sites and samples of avatars you can create of yourself, and notes as to how to insert them:

Sites that let you build and share avatars:

Get Avataars> Doppelme Doppel MeWith this app, you can right click/copy image address and place it into your page.
Picasion will let you create a gif from several images.http://picasion.com/
Piskel is an online app that lets you create animated sprites using pixels.
Avatar maker will let you right click save address of your avatar Mangatar. If you create an account, you can copy the image address from your gallery.
You can create downloadable word art at Tagul.
You can download low res word art.
This is a free program that combines your pictures into a mosaic: Andrea Mosaic

Coding to insert images and links
Coding to insert an image and adjust its size Coding to create a link Coding to make an image a link
<!DOCTYPE html>

<h2>My avatar</h2>
<img src="avatar.jpg" alt="Avatar" width="300" height="200">

<a href="http://avatarmaker.com/">Avatar maker </a> <a href="http://www.doppelme.com/?rid=DM1434467N9T"> Doppelme <img src="doppel.jpg" width="150" height="300"</a>