Student Projects

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Codesters Student Projects using Codesters

Periodic Table Boxes using Mozilla Thimble

Gold Silver Sodium

Woman Scientist Web page using Mozilla Thimble

Mahesa Mahfuza Tasnima

Science Memes using Google Docs

Nathalie Tasnima Susan

Food Preservative Website using Google Sites

Digital Portfolios using Google Sites

This web page was the project that my students created for a project
based learning activity. Students worked in groups to research different
aspects of food preservatives as part of our chemistry unit on inhibitors.
We created the web site using the Google sites tool of our Google domain
as an information page for the IS 125 community. This image links to a copy of the web site since the original can only be accessed by members of the IS 125 domain community.
Student created digital portfolios using Google Sites
Food Preservatives Mahesa Rakin
Animated Science Memes Using Vidcode, a JavaScript Platform
Jebonnessa Jebonnessa Tasnima Janina