--What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence -- Samuel Johnson

Girls Who Code bases their activity sets around what they refer to as the Core4, which are the four basic programming concepts you will learn while practicing your coding. They include: variables, loops, conditionals and functions. When you work on your chosen platform, focus on the Core4 concepts of variables, functions, loops and conditionals. The videos on this page explaining the concepts are from


Trinket is an online IDE( integrated development environment) where you can practice python coding. Try the Trinket code that is embedded on this web page. Link to the Trinket itself: run the code and change it to experiment. Then, sign up for your own free account at and challenge yourself to code, using the examples on this page as a model.
Core4 Definition Videos Example Try It in Trinket
Variables store data and give them names,including numbers, strings and Booleans. Variable Try It
Conditionals a statement that is true IF something else is true: an If...Then statement Conditional Try It
Loops code that repeats for a certain number of times, or while something is true Loops Try It
Functions Reusable Code: If you find yourself doing something more than once, make it a function Functions Try It
Copy and paste the following code into a new Trinket: change it around for different subjects: don't forget to change the number you are dividing by. I created my own Calculator you can try.
#GPA calculator
math = int(input("What's your grade in math?\n"))
science = int(input("What's your grade in science?\n"))
history = int(input("What's your grade in history?\n"))
english = int(input("What's your grade in english?\n"))
average=(math + science + history + english)/4
print ("Your average is ") + str(average)