Mrs. Goldfisher

Created by the students of Class 744

February 13th, 2017

Food preservatives

Chemical reactions are processes that change the identity of a substance, and are not easily reversible. We encounter many chemical reactions in our daily lives, including the rusting of iron, the cooking of our food, and the digesting of our food. There are both helpful and harmful chemical reactions. Food spoilage is caused by  chemical reactions which leads to waste and potential illness. Since those of us who live in urban areas such as NYC don’t produce our own food, we buy food. In order to ensure that our food stays safe from farm, or manufacture, to consumer, food preservatives are added. Food preservatives are chemical inhibitors that slow down chemical reactions.

The students in Class 744 created questions to research several aspects of food preservatives, and created group projects which were incorporated into this web site to provide an educational service to those of us who wonder whether what we are eating is safe.


Marco, Mahfuza,  Mohammed A, Leslie, Neyha, Adib, Adnan, Janina, Tasnima, Fernanda, William, Daniela, Rhiti, Rakin,  Fatiha, Jebonnesa, Fiona, Nailah, Wendy, Fahmida, Anida, Mahesa, Eduardo, Gabriel, Maureen, Natalie, Maisha, Gary, Mohammed Z.